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8/12/2021 5:55 PM

Animal Success Stories

There is nothing much more rewarding then hearing the stories of the Happy Homes, our precious saved souls are now enjoying.

To submit your story, please go to our FORMS tab in the menu and click on the " Happy Homes Update " form, tell us your wonderful stories and hit submit. To include pictures you will need to email those individually to and they will be included when we upload your Happy Home Update!


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Adopted - 24 November 2021

Email - 21 March 2022

Tillia or Tilla was adopted and renamed Tilli Maye!
Adopted November 2021
She has adjusted well and LOVES playing with her brother Ruger, snuggling on the couch with the kiddos and watching squirrels out the window!
Thank you, 


Adopted - 11 September 2019

Email - 15 March 2022

Tux has adjusted amazingly, and we are looking for a female that is a little more out going and less timid to help tux thrive. We now have a unfenced yard that tux respects (with boundaries thought), he is very happy staying close. I know that you him very well and could find an ideal partner in crime lol. 
Chat soon 


Adopted -  February 2022

Email - 17 March 2022

Rex is doing amazing!!! Looking a little slimmer these days! ðŸ™‚ He's pretty obsessed with my kids, especially my son as you can see from the pictures! Him and my other dog constantly play and argue like they've been siblings forever. ðŸ˜†
He was always meant to be part of this family! ðŸ˜Š He's still stubborn as hell!!! Often needs to be reminded he isn't the boss! Little turd! ðŸ¤ª
Everything is perfect! Thanks for checking in! â¤


Adopted - 9 January 2015

Update - 21 March 2022

Just wanted to send you this.  Haley, a/k/a fancy.   I adopted her 7 years ago.  I am still so grateful you do this and I just wanted to say thank you 


Adopted - 7 December 2019

Update - 21 March 2022

Hello! We have so many wonderful things to report about Colt! He was very nervous and afraid of everything when we first got him. He wouldn't even walk on the hardwood floors or use the stairs. Boy have we come leaps and bounds since then!! We have done lots of training and now attend advanced training. Colt is extremely smart and willing so he has been easy to train. We hike a lot and most recently he has started mountain biking with my husband and I!! He is the source of much joy and many laughs!! He is loved beyond measure!! We can not thank you enough for all you do and bringing this boy into our lives!!! oh and we had his DNA done and he is a mutt for sure but his top 3 breeds are Staffordshire terrier, Australian Cattle dog, and Great Pyrenees.

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