• GaDaH - Pet Food Assistance Program Application!

  • The GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry provides short-term assistance to those in need. In order to allow the program to help as many pets as possible, GaDaH is currently unable to provide food to any one family for more than two years. If approved, pet owners will be eligible to receive free pet food for six months. At the end of that period, they will be asked to complete a renewal application if they wish to continue their enrollment.

    It is not our mission to support persons in acquiring "therapy" pets; we do not provide food to feed strays, foster care or outdoor community TNR programs.


    FEED the NEED participants will be unable to adopt or take in more animals while participating in this program.

    All pets in the household are required to be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their rabies vaccines in compliance with state law, and if required, licened with the town office. PROOF is REQUIRED.

    A 1-month courtesy period will be granted for families to get the rabies vaccine and a 3-month courtesy period will be granted in order for families to spay/neuter their pets. If no proof of surgery has been provided after 3-months, you will be removed from the FEED the NEED program. There are many low cost options available throughout the state of Maine and you are encouraged to do your own research. One resource is the SpayMaine.Org Website

    GaDaH will at times, offer low cost Microchip clinics for program members, who will be required to attend if their pets are not already microchipped. The cost will be no more than $10 and will not involve any other registration fees.

    GaDaH is dependent on donations to the FEED the NEED Program. At times there may be limits on the amount of food available to participants. Kibbles are a mixture of donated foods, so that pets are less likely to react to changes in diet from month to month.

    GaDaH reserves the right to suspend the FEED the NEED program at any time.

    A detailed explanation of how and when to obtain food will be provided once you have been approved into our program.

    All questions below must be completed to register in the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry Program.

  • I understand that the goal of the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry program is to provide supplemental food to animals whose owners are in financial need, and is not intended to be the sole source of food for my pets.

    understand that in order to receive food I must come to the appointed pick up location on days and times provided. If I show up outside of the designated dates and times listed, I will not receive assistance.

    I understand that GaDaH accepts all kinds of pet donations. By accepting pet food, cat litter, pet items, or services form the FEED the NEED Pet Pantry, I, and all household members, including their friends and family, agree not to hold GaDaH, its staff, volunteers, agents and or assignees legally liable in the unfortunate event that the recipient’s pet(s) become ill or the food upsets the pets stomach.

    agree that I will not misuse this program. If I am seen abusing the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry, I will be immediately removed. Abuse of the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry is defined by but not limited to, sharing account cards with unauthorized users, accepting food or items that the owner is able to afford, giving food/items to others, reselling food/items, using multiple accounts, and/or compromising the availability of goods for other clients.

    I understand that Free dog and cat food will only be provided within limit of donations received. I understand that the pet food and supplies received through the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry program has been donated by manufacturers and individuals and is not for sale to the pubic. Therefore, I agree to use these products for my personal pets only and will not re-sell these products to any person(s) or business(es). .

    understand that I will be terminated from the GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry for being rude or disrespectful to any staff member or volunteer of the FEED the NEED Pet Pantry.

    agree that I will inform GaDaH of any change in my financial situation; Any change in my contact information, such as address, phone number or email; The death of my pet.

    am aware of the following DISQUALIFICATIONS:
    • If I add additional pets to my household, I will be immediately disqualified, and will no longer be eligible to receive handouts.
    • If I fail to produce written verification of spay/neuter and of vaccinations, I will be removed from the program.
    • If I or my designated stand-in fail to show up for two consecutive handouts without contacting the Pet Pantry, I will be removed from the program.

    I I understand and agree that GaDaH makes no warranties as to the pet food and supplies and does not assume any liability and/or guarantee for these pet food supplies in any way.

    accepts that GaDaH reserves the right to revise, alter, or otherwise change any/or all components of the FEED the NEED Pet Pantry Rules & Guidelines
    with or without notice to participants.

    I accept that by completing and signing this application I agree to indemnify GaDaH and its affiliates and hold them harmless from and against any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including but not limited to the injury to and loss of your pet, which may arise from my decision to accept and use the pet food.

    *All information provided is used only to determine your need for pet food and supplies. All information must be completed to get assistance. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted.