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187 Downs Road, Sebec, Sebec
Sebec, ME 04481
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2/7/2023 2:18 PM

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Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue
187 Downs Road, Sebec, Sebec
Sebec, ME 04481

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As I am sure you can appreciate running a dog rescue is a busy, full time job. It involves lots of time outdoors, in the kennels, in the communal areas, busy cleaning, feeding, socializing, and then an abundance of administrative duties.
For this reason our preferred method of contact is via email - emails can be checked and answered quickly where as answering the phone is most of the time not practical.

Please reach out to us directly via -



Postman Pat

If you want to write, our mailing address is:

     187 Downs Road
     Sebec, Maine, 04481




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