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The poignant Animals at War design holds special significance as it was crafted by Jenny Cope, the founder of the rescue, and a former British Army veteran. Jenny's background adds a layer of depth to the emblem, infusing it with personal understanding and a profound connection to the theme of remembrance. As a veteran, she brings a unique perspective to the tribute, underscoring the importance of remembering the sacrifices made by both human and animal participants in times of conflict. This design not only serves as a visual commemoration by  intricately weaving together symbols that poignantly commemorate the profound contributions and sacrifices made by animals during times of conflict, particularly in the context of the world wars. But also as a heartfelt expression of gratitude and remembrance from someone with firsthand experience of the significance of sacrifice in the military context.


The purple poppy wreath at the center serves as a solemn tribute to the countless animals that played crucial roles in wartime efforts, from loyal German Shepherd dogs, horses, pigeons and even camels.
The string of red poppies around the bottom of the wreath symbolizes remembrance and honors the human lives lost in battle. The phrase "Animals of War" emphasizing the focus on non-human participants in conflict. The message "Lest we forget" serves as a powerful reminder of the imperative to never overlook the sacrifices of both human and animal lives, urging a perpetual remembrance of their service and the collective responsibility to honor their memory.
The purple poppy, specifically, represents the often overlooked animal victims of war, offering a distinct emblem to ensure their sacrifices are acknowledged alongside their human counterparts. This poignant design encapsulates a universal call to preserve the memory of all those,  human and animal alike, who endured the ravages of war, fostering a collective commitment to gratitude and remembrance.