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Give a Dog a Home Rescue is a proud partner and ambassador for the Greater Good Charities Rescue Bank.

This enables us to request truck loads of dog/cat food, cat litter and hard goods at minimal cost. If you are, or know of a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit who is interested in becoming a member so you can request pallets of food and such from Give a Dog a Home Rescue, please email so that we can send you the application to get you approved.


Hard times can hit anyone at any time. With all that has been going on the past year or so, more people are struggling to make ends meet. Along with the stress and worry of not being able to afford basic living expenses, it can have a detrimental effect on people emotionally and mentally.

As a rescue, we strive to be sure that families can give the pets that they adopt, the life that they deserve on all levels. However, we also understand that things can happen in life that are out of our control, and, at times we all need a helping hand along the way.

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Proud Partner to the Greater Good Rescue Bank, without whom, we would not be able to do what we do!  




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We want to reach out our helping hand with

Give a Dog a Home – FEED the NEED Pet Pantry”

The GaDaH - FEED the NEED Pet Pantry, has a goal to help families who want to keep their pets, but are struggling through financial hardships, until they are able to get back on their feet. Therefore, keeping pets where they are safe and loved, instead of families having to make a devastating decision to surrender them to a shelter or rescue. It is designed to be a temporary solution to supplement their pet’s food on a monthly basis for a set period of time.    We do have an in-depth application process and require documentation to ensure our support is going to where it is most needed.

In order to receive free pet food, families must submit this application, upload required documents, and be approved prior to receiving food. Once approved, they will be eligible for FREE food, for a six-month period of time, providing they adhere to all of our guidelines. At the end of that period, they will be asked to complete a renewal application if they wish to continue their enrollment.

Upon submission, applications and documentation will be reviewed and results will be sent via email approximately 1 week after receipt. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed. Details of where and how to receive food will be explained in the email.