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Give a Dog a Home Rescue - Helping Others


Along with saving dogs and cats from the high kill shelters in south, from the horrors of Kabul, Afghanistan and also the atrocious meat trade in China and South Korea, Give a Dog a Home Rescue is also focused on helping others wherever and however we can.

Running any kind of non-profit is challenging and with Covid19 hitting everyone hard, so many more obstacles have been put in everyone's path.

With the forward thinking, planning and creating resources here at the rescue in Sebec, Maine, we have been able to help others both locally and across the US.

Nothing that we do, could be done without the help of the amazing volunteers and support from people far and wide, including my home country of England. Together with our local community, partnering with other organizations and having the drive and commitment, Give a Dog a Home Rescue has many plans to achieve so much more, whilst continuing to stay focused on our ultimate goal, mission and passion to save animals that are in need.

November 2019

Became partners with the Greater Good Charities Rescue Bank

March 2020

GaDaH President/Founder, Jenny Cope became certified with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, with the primary focus on Incident Command & Animals in Disasters

March 2020

GaDaH President/Founder, Jenny Cope became a certified as a "Dog Bite Prevention Educator" through the DogNostics Career Center.

FEMA Certifiations by giveadogahome_maine

September 2020

GaDaH President/Founder, Jenny Cope became a certified in several of the FEAR FREE SHELTERS programs

October 2020

An adopter who works for Granite Group put GaDaH forward for a donation of a scratch & dent Conforto Furnace for the kennel building.

November 2020

Our local scout group, Pack 112, came over to help move 2 pallets (2,000 pounds) of dog and cat food - we ended up moving 10 pallets, (10,000 pounds) Great Job!

Fear Free Shelter Program Certificates by giveadogahome_maine

Conforto Furnace Donation by giveadogahome_maine
Scout Troop 112 - Helping to Move Pallets of Dog Food by giveadogahome_maine

September 2021

10,000 pounds of dog and cat food along with supplies to Hurricane Ida Victims

January 2022

4,000 pounds of cat litter donated to local cat rescues

February 2022

President/Founder, Jenny met with Piscataquis County Management Team to start discussions to set up a County Animal Response Team

Hurricane IDA - 10,000 pounds dog & cat food donation by giveadogahome_maine
Cat Litter Donation to PAWS, Milo by giveadogahome_maine

March 2022

We were invited to partner with Petco Love and join their new national Free Vaccine Campaign

March 2022 

We were awarded a grant to use and distribute two truckloads (3,000 beds per truck) of dog beds in partnership with and the Greater Good Rescue Bank

April 2022 

We were invited by Greater Goods Charities to accept the position of AMBASSADOR to their new "GOODS Program" Combining both human and pet donations for allocation & distribution to non-profits and community organizations.

GaDaH - Petco Love FREE National Vaccine Campaign by giveadogahome_maine
Bark Beds Donation by giveadogahome_maine

May 2022

We received our FIRST donation of 26 pallets of hand sanitary wipes through the Greater Goods Charities "Goods Program". 

May 2022

We attended our neighboring towns "Brownville's Big Truck Show"

Raising funds and awareness through our pet products.

June 2022

We attended our neighboring towns Piscataquis County, 1st Annual Yard Sale at the Regional YMCA.

We offered LOW-COST pet services and held fundraising and awareness of our programs.

Sanitary Wipes Donation by giveadogahome_maine
Thank you's Brownville Truck Show Organizaers Our Faithful Volunteers Lisa Tina Linda Everyone that stopped by to say hello and supported our cause! by giveadogahome_maine
Piscataquis County Yard Sale - GaDaH Wellness Clinic by giveadogahome_maine