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2/7/2023 2:18 PM


Where are you located?

The rescue is located in a small rural town called SEBEC, Maine. Sebec, is approximately 3 hours from the NH/ME (I95) border, about 45 minutes from Bangor & Newport.

We are approx. 1.45 hours from the Houlton/New Brunswick border; approx. 2.30 hours from the Calais/St. Stephen border and approx. 2 hours from the Jackman/Saint-Théophile border.,+german+shepherd+dog+rescue/@45.2421488,-69.1146808,10z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cb01eb6d6688a1b:0x33279ea1f40cb830!2m2!1d-69.0838175!2d45.2510878

Where do I find the adoption application?

The link to the adoption application can be found below, or in the menu on the website.

Why is the adoption application so long?

We save our dogs from high kill shelters in the south, for any dog to end up in a kill shelter, it clearly has not had the best of times. Our application is long, but we are gathering information to be sure that the dog the family is interested in, is a good fit. If you feel the application is too long, we understand that and there are lots of other rescue's and shelters that have a much shorter process.

I have been approved by another rescue, does that mean I am approved to adopt from GaDaH?

Unfortunately not. Rescue's and shelters are generally independent and have their own procedures and application process. In order to adopt a dog from GaDaH, we do require you to complete our application process.

What are your opening times?

GaDaH is not a government funded, staffed shelter and therefore we work COMPLETELY on an  APPOINTMENT  basis  ONLY.

When can I schedule an appointment to meet the dogs?

Once applicants have been approved to adopt from GaDaH, you will be invited to schedule an appointment to meet the dogs you are interested in that are suitable to your lifestyle.

How do I get to meet a dog before deciding if I want to adopt?

Once approved to adopt through our application process, families are invited to schedule an appointment to meet the dog/s that are suitable for their home and lifestyle. If the dog that you wanted to adopt turns out to not be a good fit, you are able to meet other dogs that are still available for adoption.

Why can I not just come and walk through the kennels to meet the dogs?

Although we do have a kennel building, we also have dogs located in several communal areas and so just walking through the kennels would only permit people to see a few of our available dogs.

I would like to come and meet the dogs before I decide to put in an application. Why can I not do this?

There are many reasons that we have our operating procedures to only allow families who have been approved to adopt to schedule an appointment to come to the rescue. . .

  • ​The kennel / rescue is on private property and we do not want people we know nothing about coming to the rescue.
  • Running a rescue is a lot of work and we need to be sure that someone is available to meet with people when they arrive. 
  • Other people maybe interested in the dog that you are interested in, so by coming to meet the dog, deciding you want to adopt - by the time that you have gone home, completed and submitted our in-depth application and then that application being processed - there is a good chance someone else might have submitted their application and been processed and approved to adopt before you. Therefore the dog that you was interested in, will no longer be available.
  • You might come and decide you want to adopt a dog, but when you submit your application, it might not be approved.​

Our policy of only inviting families who are approved to adopt to schedule an appointment works for us, we know background on the people, we know that they are suitable for the dog they are interested in adopting and we know the dog they are interested in, is available for adoption. 

If I turn up at the rescue would I be allowed to have a quick look at the dogs?

Absolutely not! We expect people to appreciate and respect our policies that are put in place to allow us to run the rescue. Anyone, just turning up, will be trespassing and will be asked to leave!