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187 Downs Road, Sebec, Sebec
Sebec, ME 04481
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8/12/2021 5:55 PM

Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Give a Dog a Home Rescue 

 is an IRS, 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit charity located in Sebec, Maine.


State of Maine Animal Welfare Division (# F1463)

State of Maine Charitable Organization (#CO1134)


Our Mission

Give a Dog a Home Rescue helps pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach. Engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to promote the humane treatment of animals through humane education, animal protection and community service.

Through our Feed the Need Pet Pantry, we strive to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets .


Rescuers, rescue supporters, and volunteers do not walk on water.
We don't wear capes and tights or leap tall buildings.

We aren't better than anyone else, but we do pursue a cause that we believe
makes us better than before we started. We make mistakes; we feel we
can't do enough at home; we rant out in frustration; we lose our tempers
and get snappy; we have to reject people sometimes for the good of a dog.

We are not always likeable. What we do is draining, emotionally, financially
and physically. Please bear with us and forgive us our flaws, because we
are doing work that's bigger than we are.
~Author Unknown