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As a Non-Profit Charity we are not in a position to offer discounts, or barter on the adoption fee.
If you cannot afford, or do not want to pay our adoption fee, please look elsewhere.
If we are ever in a position to offer a discount, it will not be to a specific profession, it will be across the board to benefit everyone! 

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Families who are interested in adopting, who live in Canada are welcome to adopt from Give a Dog a Home Rescue. Once you have been approved to adopt, you will be required to come to the rescue in Sebec, Maine to meet your new best friend and travel home to start your new lives together. 

Documentation needed to enter Canada from the US is a current Rabies Certificate and proof of adoption/purchase, for customs sales tax purchases. All dogs have current rabies and the adoption contract is your receipt. Canada charges 15% in taxes paid at the customs border patrol office.

We have lots more photo's  in our  ALBUMS

Check out our EXCITING NEW program that encourages members of the community to take a rescue dog for an hour, or day out of the kennel to make an adventure

Where we have saved our Dogs and Cats from:

Dogs & Cats saved from the USA

Dogs saved from China

Dogs & Cats saved from Kabul, Afghanistan

Dogs saved from S. Korea via Save Korean Dogs

Dogs saved from the US Island of Hawaii

Dog saved from the US Island of the Bahamas

Dog saved from Mexico


Dogs Saved from Oman



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